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The FatKidOnFire FKOFUn/Known01 double album showcases twenty next-generation dubstep sounds from some of the genre's leading producers.

1. Camu - Invocation
2. Percept - Reality
3. Truth - No Difference
4. Caski - Sandstone
5. Content - Osmosis VIP
6. Boot & TZR - Pathetic Earthlings
7. Subreachers - Dysfunctional Systems LTD
8. Gantz - Low Lands
9. Perverse - Hallidome
10. Sparxy - Follow Me

11. BunZer0 - Melancholy
12. The Illuminated - Conspicuously Smooth
13. FNC - Code Signal
14. Thelem - Drones (TMSV remix)
15. Nanobyte - Another Promise
16. Juss B - Friction
17. Ipman - Flipmode
18. Fused Forces - Litter Bug
19. Soundproof - Everyday
20. Eleven8 - Motions

We're offering a free download of the FKOFUn/Known01 promo mix and digital copies of the double album to anyone who purchases the physical release.
Email me with a copy of your receipt from the FKOF store, Chemical or BM Soho (I'll try and stay on top of all the orders that come through our store). If you email me and don't hear back (I get a good few hundred emails a week so please bear with me!), give me a nudge on Facebook or Twitter.

The price includes free worldwide shipping and a few FKOF stickers. ‎Click here for more information.

If you'd rather just purchase the digital files, please see here.

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